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When They Require Muscle In a Hurry

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Use Nothing But A Simple Set Of Dumbbells To Build Impressive Functional Muscle In Record Time.

TACFIT Mass Assault is the leading muscle building program available for achieving rapid gains without leaving your house.

This precision engineered program is a component of Scott Sonnon’s personal training regimen. It’s the very same program he uses to mount one devastating Mass Assault after another. A workout proven to rapidly increase muscle mass, and the best part is?

You only need a set of dumbbells to experience these gains. This is the perfect follow up mission to your TACFIT Commando program. Let’s pack on some seriously lean muscle on that newly chiseled physique…

Yes, Mass Assault will stack pounds of muscle on your frame in record time. But that’s not all. You’ll also love…

•Efficient: you’re done in 40 minutes!
•FUN: The unique design makes training an experience to be enjoyed, not endured.
•Simple Instructions: It’s completely “plug-and-play.” Simply press play on the videos and train alongside Coach Sonnon.
•No Expensive Health Club or Gym Membership: All you need is a set of dumbbells.
•Health-First Fitness: You’ll boost your overall health and performance WHILE you pack on muscle.

Don’t listen to so-called fitness “pros” who tell you how impossible it is to put on mass.

Don’t buy into some abstract idea of genetic- or age-related limitations to muscularity. And DON’T believe the misguided notion that muscle interferes with performance and mobility. The intelligent design behind Mass Assault blows those myths out of the water with the precision of a laser-guided missile.

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The Complete Mass Assault
Muscle Building System

Component #1

The "Assault Deployment Manual"

This guide teaches you the secrets to cranking your body’s anabolic furnace, outlines how to schedule your training on both a 4-day and 7-day progression, and plots out your entire mission complete with Master Program Chart and full color photo illustrations of every movement.

Component #2

The "Video Download Briefings"

This video series explains every single exercise in all 4 levels of the TACFIT Mass Assault program using precision coaching cues and performance goals directly related to building mass.

Component #3

The "Mission Simulation Follow-Along Videos"

These videos walk you through every single Mass Assault engagement—all you have to do is cue up the clip and try to keep up with Scott.

Component #4

The "Recovery Program Video Download Briefings"

This essential component contains follow-along simulations of both the joint mobility and prasara compensation components of the TACFIT mission-ready longevity plan.

Bonus Component #1


The Drift is a bodyweight-only core-centric workout that specifically prepares you for explosive power generation.

Bonus Component #2


Accelerator adds acceleration and deceleration, using a med ball to transform slow and smooth into fast and furious by pairing weight with movements performed at high velocity. Coupling this program with Mass Assault adds the punch of a tactical air strike to your earlier infantry drive.

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