FIND OUT MORE about TACFIT Kettlebell Spetsnaz by CLICKING HERE… Several of you wrote in to express your concerns about the 1/2 Swingblade exercise that Scott demonstrated in last week’s blog. First, we’d like to applaud you for your caution — a smart operative performs a thorough recon before undertaking any operation. That’s how you […]


(m4v version <– Right click and save to disk if you wish to download / Mac users hold control and click) So what separates TACFIT Kettlebell Spetsnaz from all those other kettlebell programs? Most other programs focus on working muscle and burning fat using very one- dimensional gross motor movements. That’s fine in the beginning, […]


Kettlebells For Sports Performance

Having returned from the 2010 World Martial Arts Games with gold medals in Submission Grappling, Sport Jiujitsu and Mixed Martial Arts, someone said to me that I’m an “evil marketing genius.” The World Games wasn’t marketing. I could have lost. Or I could have won but looked like I was in terrible shape. Either outcome […]

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Kettlebell Evolution — TACFIT Kettlebell Spetsnaz

Discover the 1/2 Swingblade Exercise (Detailed Instructions In THIS Video) Scott Sonnon was the first Westerner licensed to teach the “Russian System of Training” in Russia — the first foreigner to be licensed in Russia, and the first foreigner to teach to members of the Russian Spetsnaz. This was an unheard of feat for an […]

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Fitness Finesse — A Lesson From Dignitary Protection

I recently completed an protection assignment for an important Indian dignitary. It was a crowd control situation where thousands of ecstatic onlookers were attempting to push through our thin line of security personnel to touch this famous humanitarian. They weren’t hostile enemy forces of course, but these well-intentioned people were entirely unaware of the mob […]

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A Sniper’s Meditation

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How you breathe in the field under stress differs significantly from how you breath at rest in the sanctuary of protected walls. The central nervous system cannot differentiate between a true physical threat and an emotional/symbolic one, so regardless of whether someone’s pointing a gun at you, or you’re facing infantile tantrums, belligerent co-workers or […]

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Kettlebell Sport’s Tactical Application

Many of you have written to TACFIT HQ to request a briefing about the benefits of kettlebell training to tactical preparedness. The classic kettlebell sport lifts (the snatch and the clean-and-jerk) are all about efficiency and endurance. Conditioning is only ever specific, and so the motor skills developed through sport lifts only have specific enhancements […]

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Coach Sonnon ROPE Video Conference

Finally, a simple, portable and inexpensive equipment alternative that STILL allows you to train anywhere, anytime! Backed up by Coach Sonnon’s new program, a simple piece of rope turns almost any environment into your own private gym — without the sweat, the crowds and the expensive memberships. And for those who commit to this exciting […]

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Essential Tips For Buying Rope — the Most Versatile Training Equipment You’ll Ever Own

Many of you posted questions about the best type of rope to use for TACFIT ROPE training. I’ve experimented with many types and thicknesses of rope over the years, in multiple training environments, and I’ve narrowed it down to several optimal choices. I rank them from “best to least” according to how well they meet […]

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TACFIT R.O.P.E. – Rapid Onset Pull-up Equipment

When TACFIT Team Leader and Faculty Coach Brandon Jones served in the US Navy, he learned that there were three ways to do something: There’s the wrong way. There are many right ways. And then there’s the way we’re going to do it. We’re not concerned with how other systems do things. There are no […]

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